Weekly news and updates… it seems to be something everybody does these days, well, I’m more than happy to take part. This page will show you the best and worst things to come out of the week of film, television and gaming and hopefully, you will like what I have to say…

Weekly News

Pic/Pics of the Week: Atomic Blonde (15)

From director David Leitch, comes what is quite simply, the female equivalent of John Wick. Charlize Theron truly kicks ass as the cold war spy on a mission to prevent the communists learning of British spies in play behind the Iron Curtain. With bloody action and wicked drama, this is another example of letting people who do action, direct action, because it is going to be good.

Dick/Dicks of the Week: HBO

Don’t worry, I haven’t gone made, I love HBO for making many wonderful TV series, but who at this organisation thought it was a good idea to introduce Ed Sheeran as a cameo in Game of Thrones. No good effect has come from it and now everyone is wondering, just why?

Fact/Facts of the Week: Rick and Morty Guest Stars

For episode 3.03, Rick turns himself into a Pickle. I know, it was hilarious and for those who didn’t spot them, guest stars Susan Sarandon, Danny Trejo and Peter Serafinowicz also stared in the episode. It is great to see these people joining the list of greats who have been on the show before, I only wonder who is next…

News of the Week: Hackers

Very recently, hackers have managed to obtain and leak the phone numbers and addresses of the stars of Game of Thrones. It is also very possible they have copies of the episodes of the current season, so if you are that sort of person that streams illegally, my advice would be, leave well enough alone, or you’ll regret it.

S*** of the Week: Gypsy (TV Series)

Yep, Sam Taylor-Johnson has decided to have a go at making a TV series and from watching it, I can say with certainty, the this is something I wouldn’t recommend. With a whiff of 50 shades marked all over and very unclear direction, this is one of the many TV series that I predict won’t be destined to soldier on series after series, it will disappear with a whimper.

Star/Stars of the Week: Carrie Coon

Being the first actress in history to receive a double win at the TCA awards for individual achievement in Drama for The Leftovers and Fargo (season 3), she is more than deserving of this great honour. In my opinion, best actress in the world, she is going places…


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